As a science journalist, I’ve written about arguably the world’s best scallops, investigated the racist history of the modern nose job, and advocated giving toddlers knives. 

My articles have appeared in The New Yorker, Nature, NPR’s food blog The Salt, Discover, Discover, Mosaic, and others. I’m a 2018-2020 child development fellow through the Learning Sciences Exchange and was a 2017-18 Knight Science Journalism fellow at MIT. I have a master’s in science writing from Johns Hopkins University.  

Previously, I spent two years teaching English to middle schoolers in Nagano, Japan, worked as a National Park Ranger at parks across the country, and volunteered through the World Wide Workers on Organic Farms while living in a tent in the Hawaiian rainforest. I returned to the mainland after a fateful encounter with four centipedes (they travel in pairs, attack without provocation, and are reputed to inflict one of the most painful wounds in the animal kingdom).

I now live in non-tropical Burlington, Vermont with my husband, two small children, and an even smaller cat.